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San Francisco Real Estate in Early 2017 – Preliminary Indications of Market Direction

In recent months, there have been multiple reports in local media about Big Drops in San Francisco Home Prices! But, umm, we are not seeing it, neither on the ground in the hurly burly of buyers and sellers making deals, …

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How to Turn a Vacant Lot into an Urban Oasis

Facing a construction delay? Cut down the razor wire and bring in a petting zoo (or a circus or a movie night). For every bustling, beeping, rebar-rooted construction site in San Francisco, there is one sitting empty and still awaiting permit approvals, Planning Department sign-offs, and funding. And for developing neighborhoods or communities sorely in

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Younger Bay Area residents support new housing, but older generation is more hostile

Younger residents are more likely to support new housing projects than older groups in the Bay Area, according to an annual poll from the Bay Area Council. Seventy percent of millennials were in favor of building more housing in their own neighborhood, while only 57 percent of residents age 40 to 64 supported additional homes

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What if Sutro Tower had condos in it?

San Francisco Magazine’s cover features an alluring rendering of the city’s favorite tower San Francisco Magazine just dropped their urban design issue today. Most notably, the issue’s cover features something downright spectacular or horrifying, depending on your point of view: a rendering of Sutro Tower with a condo-conversion renovation. Prized as the preferred signifier of

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How speakers went from statement furniture to unseen tech

Remember record player credenzas? In today’s wireless age, most want their sound system to be out of sight and out of mind. “If interior designers had their way,” says Scott Orth, director of electroacoustics at Sound United, owner of the Polk Audio and Definitive Technology speaker brands “there would be no speakers at all.” Orth

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The Future Is Global

With an influx of starchitects working on bold, thoughtful, and sometimes even quiet designs, San Francisco is gradually earning its place on the architecture map. San Francisco is a world-class city with a skyline whose biggest standout is still a funky pyramid that went up in 1972. Star architects have come and gone and, most

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